Medical Malpractice

While every Medical Malpractice case is different, all medical malpractice cases involve some kind of medical negligence, an injury to someone’s body and a health care provider. Medical Malpractice cases have become extremely complex and expensive to pursue. Many people have become the victim of medical negligence but are unable to recover either because of the strength of the case or the lack of insurance. Medical Malpractice cases can be anything from physicians failure to diagnose something which he or she should have to a surgical procedure which has gone horribly wrong. It can also involve issues regarding the dispensing of medication. Misdiagnosis of cancer is a common form of medical malpractice. As is birth defects or anesthesia injuries.

A Medical Malpractice case must be proven by the testimony of Medical Experts trained, experienced and practicing in similar medical specialties of each negligent health care provider. To proceed with a Malpractice case, the Medical Expert must find and be willing to testify that the conduct of the Defendant fell below accepted standards of care, and was a breach of the duty they owed the patient. Medical Experts must also testify that the Injuries or Death was caused by the negligent conduct.